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 Worldkorner Universal Life Church

Lapriyè se yon fòm kominikasyon ki gen yon pi gwo pouvwa. Lapriyè se yon konvèsasyon entim, pèsonèl ak diven an. Lapriyè se yon fòm meditasyon ki pèmèt oto-refleksyon ak pwòp tèt ou-reyalizasyon, osi byen ke yon fason yo konekte ak diven an

Many people think that without the Church Building, they can not pray. Well this site will break down why you can still be religious and practice your religion without having a Church building in the picture. Prayer is a form of communication with a higher power. Prayer is an intimate and personal conversation with the divine. Prayer is a form of meditation that allows for self-reflection and self-realization, as well as a way to connect with the divine. Contact:

Why Online Prayers?

Online prayer rooms allow people to find spiritual comfort from anywhere in the world. The benefits of online prayer are many, including -It provides spiritual comfort from anywhere in the world -It’s available 24/7 – It is free

The Future of Church Services is Online

The internet is an incredible tool for connecting people. It’s not surprising that churches are looking to expand their reach by providing online services.  A survey conducted by Barna found that roughly 9 million Americans attended a church service at least once per month, but didn’t know if they were committed to the church. This may be due to a lack of connection with the church or because they can’t make it to the actual physical service. With more and more people working from home, it has become easier for churches to provide virtual services where people can worship from anywhere in the world.  Online religious services have been around since 2008 when Skype became popular and video conferencing was introduced into most offices.  Nowadays, many churches offer live-streaming during their morning services/prayers/bible study.

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