How to start having Tantric sex (tips for beginners)

– Hi, my name is Ray Maor and today I want to explain a little bit, the tips and tricks about sexual tantra. Now, when I’m in sexual tantra, I don’t mean the whole aspect of everything that has to do with tantra as the way of living. I’m actually talking specifically about sexual tantra.

For people who want to experience it, whether a couple or by themselves, which is also completely possible. So first thing, when we’re talking about tantric sex, we’re talking about not focusing on the end result. Not focusing on the orgasm itself but focusing on the path, and enjoying the path, with our partner.

Taking the time, making it more symbolic, making it more like a ritual, like a process, that we’re both preparing for, that we’re both completely into and not just for the ejaculation and the letting go and you know already what I’m talking about. So just think about it like a ritual. For a ritual you’re preparing yourself mentally.

You are excited towards it. You are lighting up candles, you’re making different smells or odors in the room so you can make it as perfect as you want. But this movie or this video is more towards for men practical knowledge. But the women that have decided to watch this movie also, please advise your men, support your men, show them that there is things you want to experience when you just step out of your comfort zone a little bit more and trust me.

It’s completely worth it. A little bit of exercise and it’s completely worth it. So the first thing that men need to understand is that we can actually split the orgasm from the ejaculation part, meaning there is an involuntary muscle there that we can make voluntary. Meaning we can actually control this muscle much more.

And til now since we were very, very young we’ve never actually been able to control it because that’s the natural way things work. That’s how evolution and nature wants us to work. Without being able to control it so we’ll get more people pregnant and eventually we’ll populate the planet.

But since people like to have sex so much and we don’t really want to populate the planet as much. We just want to have a few kids. Then we have learned with time to split it. Now, first thing you need to understand, an orgasm is not the ejaculation. They are two different things. You can reach an orgasm without ejaculating at all.

And we’re going to talk about a few different tools that some of you might have heard of but I want to make it simple, as simple as possible. The first tool I want to talk to you about is the easiest one to implement and that’s called the million dollar pressing point. It is just underneath the testicles.

Now when the sperm comes out or when the semen comes out, I’m trying to be more technical. The semen comes out, it goes from the testicles, in a loop through this point and out. When you press this point you’re actually stopping the semen from coming out. You’re putting pressure on it. It’s really easy to find.

You just put your two fingers two centimeters, three centimeters under your testicles and when you reach an orgasm just two seconds before that start pressing it strongly in the beginning. In the beginning, you might fuck up. You might not get it right and that’s all okay. Just press it and see how it feels.

Now, when you’re reaching there by yourself or with your partner, you’re getting to that point, press it and don’t let go for at least 15, 20 seconds. Don’t let go. You will see your orgasm is becoming longer, you will see that you’re retaining your sexual energy meaning that you can have sex once again after five, 10 minutes, it doesn’t really matter.

You won’t be as tired because you’re not ejaculating. Because when you ejaculate you’re actually taking out between 250 and 300 million sperm cells, if that’s what they’re called and that’s like repopulating the entire population of the United States in two seconds. So no wonder most of the guys are really tired right after they have an orgasm because they just took out so much sexual energy and what we need to do.

We need to retain this sexual energy. We want to retain, we want to become multi-orgasmic men and these things are possible. It’s possible, we just have to practice. So this tool is just like in between type of tool. You can use it, use it by yourself to practice. After that with your spouse or with a partner.

Better to have the same partner not multiple partners because you need support from the feminine side of the relationship. Once you learn this tool you should understand that it’s just a tool of in between. Afterwards you will begin doing this by yourself. It will happen naturally. The second thing is to start understanding that the muscle you need to learn how to control is that muscle that when you go to the toilet and you pee, if you stop in the middle when it’s on maximum current you can say.

Stop, hold it inside, and then let go and continue. And then stop and then let go. It is that muscle that you can not control during an orgasm that creates the ejaculation process. When you learn how to control that muscle by practicing two to three times or even every time you pee stop it in the middle, hold it inside and then continue and then stop it and then continue.

You will see that you’re getting more and more control. Now, during intercourse, when you’re making love, go up towards 80% orgasm. When you feel that you’re getting there, stop, use that muscle, and then I want you to imagine that you are breathing the energy and moving it from the lowest chakra where all that sexual energy exists towards up through all the chakras and go up to the head.

Just imagine it and breathe, okay? You will see that it all comes together. You’re holding that muscle. You are pushing it up and you’re feeling that the sexual energy is not concentrated only in that organ but it’s spreading everywhere. Don’t go after 90% because you will reach ejaculation and you will just let everything go and that’s also okay.

In the beginning when you’re playing around with it it’s something that you have to learn how to get there and let it go completely. But, you’ll get to 80%, do that. You will see that the sexual energy goes everywhere. It will feel like a 20% orgasm sort of. Stop for a minute and then continue and the next time you will continue you will see that you are slowly rising, slowly rising.

Your hunger, you’re playing with your… You’re playing with wanting it more and more and more and you’re slowly going up. Sexual tantra is not just 15 minutes average sex. It takes much more. It can take half an hour, sometimes hours, and I guess the masters also do it a few hours. But we’re not there.

We’re in the western world and we don’t have time for everything blah, blah, blah. But if you really want to and your partner supports it, why not experience with it? So the next time you’ll do it, also come to 80%, play with it, reach it up, and you will see that it’s becoming stronger and stronger until the point that you wish to just reach your maximum orgasm and then just go ahead and do it.

The point is to know that you can separate it, to know that it is enjoying the path and not only the orgasm and when you’re focused on the path itself, on enjoying the moment with your partner you should ask yourself three things. First, how is my breathing? See if you’re breathing correctly from the bottom all the way up, always in this cycle.

The second thing is where my thoughts are. Are my thoughts here and now? Am I enjoying this moment right now? Is it my ego that is enjoying it? Is it me that is enjoying it? And the third thing is how I feel towards this person and what I’m sharing with her right now. Meaning what am I doing here with this person? Is it just sex? Am I making love? Am I doing something that is more and then you will see that automatically it becomes more tantric sex because you’re more emotionally involved in it.

And you will also see immediately that you’re beginning to control this muscle. It’s a small process. If you use the million dollar point, that’s the easy way and it’s good for beginning. Try it. It really doesn’t take a lot of effort. I know a few people that are doing it already and the second phase is practicing by myself.

Reaching that point that I try to only use the muscle to stop myself from ejaculating and you will see automatically that your orgasm is becoming much longer. So, my name is Ray Maor. I have a website called I have different seminars around the world. I live right now especially in Israel.

In two months I’m going to be in Spain. In a few months I’m going to be in the USA. I really hope you take these tips, use them, live life fully, enjoy every moment. Namaste friends.

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